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Michigan Producers and Buyers Link at “Meet the Midwest Buyers Reception”

Publication: MIFFS Press Release
Published: 12/17/2007

“Michigan produce farmers finally found some wide open doors to wholesale buyers as they connected with representatives at the “Meet the Midwest Buyers Reception,” hosted by the Michigan Value Chain Partners.

“The reception took place on December 4 during the 2007 Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo and attracted more than 80 farmers and representatives from agricultural industry and commodity groups, in addition to the 10 buyers present from Whole Foods Market, Meijer, Sodexho, Sysco-Grand Rapids, Superior Sales/Gordon Food Service, Testa Produce and Goodness Greeness.

“‘It gave us an opportunity to meet face to face with the buyers,’ said Sarah McGuire of Royal Farms Inc. “It was a door opener, and the buyers finally got a face to go with the product.” Royal Farms provided their cherry juice as refreshment at the reception, which featured local foods and beverages from around the state.

“‘Linking producers and potential buyers is exciting, and we were thrilled with the success of the event,” said Elaine Brown, executive director of Michigan Food & Farming Systems – MIFFS. “Helping family farms get their fresh, local product onto store shelves is so important, and we need to fix the gaps in value chains to make sure that happens.'”…

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