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Scholarships Available for TechSoup NetSquared

TechSoup, the nonprofit  technology Web site, has announced that the Philanthropy  and Volunteerism Program of the  W.K. Kellogg Foundation will provide a limited number of  scholarships to attendees of the TechSoup NetSquared Conference, May 30-31,  2006, in San Jose, California.
The two-day TechSoup NetSquared conference builds upon six months of intense online discussion on the NetSquared  Web site about how nonprofits and non-governmental  agencies can best use new-generation Internet tools such as blogging, podcasting, and tagging to better reach and mobilize their constituencies. The conference provides  opportunities for the NetSquared community to meet face-to-face, share knowledge, and learn about new tools and their use in a nonprofit setting. In addition, partici-  pants will chart the future direction of the NetSquared  community and its effort to help nonprofits around the globe adopt these tools.
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