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New Food and Health Web Site Launched

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy’s (IATP) Food and Health Program works to make food healthier by advocating for more sustainable food production and a less contaminated food supply.
Much human exposure to many toxic pollutants comes through the food chain.

The new Web site: www.iatp.org/foodandhealth is a great resource for those wanting to

  • Learn more about toxic pollutants and other food contaminants; and 

  • Identify and buy safer food alternatives.

The site includes:

  • The Smart Fish Calculator, which calculates safe levels of fish and seafood to eat, based on your weight and on government data; 

  • The Eat Well Guide, which connects consumers with farmers that produce meat and poultry raised sustainably and without the routine use of antibiotics; 

  • IATP’s work with hospitals to buy healthy food raised sustainably and without routine antibiotics, including case studies; 

  • Three fact sheets addressing health risks from “factory farms”, or Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs); CAFOs produce about 575 billion pounds of manure annually. Manure concentration contributes to water pollution, air pollution, and likely to antibiotic resistance, posing serious risks to human health. 

  • Other topics including flame-retardants in food, toxic sludge and fertilizers, and environmental contributors to disease, including cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

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