Dr. Gail Christopher participates in PHA’s State of the Movement plenary discussion

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) launched its second “Building a Healthier Future Summit” in Washington, D.C., where leaders from across the public and private sectors gather to discuss solutions to the childhood obesity crisis.

“The PHA summit is the natural extension of everyone’s efforts,” said Dr. James Gavin, PHA board chair. “It challenges each of us to leave agendas behind, put differences aside and work on strategies to improve the health of our nation’s young people.”

The opening plenary on the “State of the Movement” emphasized collaboration and bringing together a diversity of partners to accelerate progress toward ending childhood obesity.

“We need to work together to bring about real change with corporate America as a partner,” said Dr. Gail C. Christopher vice president – program strategy at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, who was part of the expert panel discussion. “We have the creativity, genius, motivation and persistence to change our food system to be healthier.”

Other panelists included Marion Standish of The California Endowment, Dr. Raymond Baxter of Kaiser Permanente, Debbie Chang of Nemours and James Marks of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Throughout the summit, PHA partners reported on the progress of private sector commitments to address the childhood obesity epidemic. The efforts of more than four dozen companies and organizations are detailed in a progress report issued to coincide with the summit, “In it for Good,” which can be found online at ahealthieramerica.org.

Learn more about the summit.

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