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New Racial Equity spotlights aim to educate and inspire

WKKF is proud to partner with Social Policy Research Associates and Eternal Knot in publishing the new Spotlight Series: Organizational Journeys in Centering Racial Equity.

Each day WKKF grantee partners as well as many other nonprofit and community-based organizations work to advance racial equity in a constantly changing and often challenging environment. The Spotlight Series offers them the opportunity to be inspired by the real-life stories of organizations who are charting their own unique courses toward racial equity in their respective communities. Readers are invited to delve into the challenges, successes, pain points and joys the organizations experienced along the way. Examples include how:

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation mobilizes people and resources with the aim of making Kalamazoo “the most equitable place to live.”

The Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) is working to develop the Arab American community through a “prism of justice and equity” with outreach to families within the community and beyond.

The educator professional development program, Teaching Lab is working to identify staff needs, to adapt and experiment, and invest meaningful resources toward a more equitable organizational culture.

The Center for Children’s Law & Policy took the challenging events of 2020—including the COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice uprisings—to allow space for healing and assess internal structures and policies for advancing equitable practices within the organization.

Read Part One and Part Two of the Spotlight Series.

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