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Supporting the Spartan community

Our hearts are with Michigan State University (MSU) and the entire Spartan community after three students were killed and five injured in a mass shooting on Monday. We grieve for the precious lives lost, those still fighting for their lives and the trauma inflicted on the Spartan community.

Schools should be places where students can explore the world. As a longtime WKKF partner, MSU serves students, families and communities far and wide – beyond East Lansing. Mass shootings like those at MSU destroy the sense of safety children need to thrive.

These incomprehensible acts of violence, experienced all too frequently by this generation, have seemingly become the acceptable norm. Last night’s tragedy, and the more than 60 mass shootings that have already occurred this year, leave a trail of pain, fear and grief that we must be ready to support. We must also address the urgent need for policy reforms and mental health resources in our communities.

Today, we are all Spartans and we know Spartans Will come together to heal our community and demand change.

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