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This Healing Time & Unity

The alarming scenes at the U.S. Capitol are still fresh in the minds of many and the feelings they evoke powerful. 

Those events illustrated a hard truth about the division in this country, and how deeply it harms our humanity and democracy. For many, the violence exposed an old wound, one that has been festering for generations. In the aftermath, much is being said and written about the hurt, the shock, the anger as people, families, friends and communities continue to process events. 

But in many hearts, the question already emerging is the one we start with: “What will it take to heal?” 

Healing is hard work, deep work. It makes demands on the body, mind, heart and soul — and it requires time, dedication and real courage to pursue. Yet our grantees and partners affirm that healing is the path forward. It’s the way to ensure that all our children will have a healthier, safer, stronger future. 

That understanding is the source of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s longstanding commitment to racial healing and to the grantmaking, practices and tools that can widen the healing circle. As an established anti-racist organization, we know that healing is at the heart of racial equity. 

At this time, and under these difficult circumstances, calls for healing are coming from many sectors and with greater urgency. We join them with renewed resolve and offer a way to begin. 

Our fifth annual National Day of Racial Healing virtual event was set for January 19, 2021 many months ago. It is a time for honest conversations, sharing difficult truths, deep listening and finding a way forward together. As grantees and partners on the journey with us know, it is not the easiest path. But it is crucial work for this time. 

Let’s commit to healing over hatred, unity over division — on behalf of all our children, our communities and our country. 

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