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Racial Healing begins with a conversation

At his core, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a truth teller. No matter if the truth was uncomfortable, frightening, or inconvenient. He was a man who would pull down the sun itself to shine a light on the darkest of issues — from racism, to abuse, to war.

Today, despite the headlines, the divisive narratives and the very real obstacles too many children of color face, people are coming together to do exactly that. In solidarity, they are facing the hard truths in our society.

As they share stories, relationships deepen and the healing begins. Together they discover how and where their communities need to change so all children can thrive, as Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned. With this kind of solidarity and sustained action, communities across the country are showing how to heal racial wounds. And it all begins with an honest conversation.

Tomorrow is your opportunity to join them.  Read more from La June Montgomery Tabron as she shares a personal story of how a conversation led to healing.


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