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Solidarity for children, their families & communities

W.K. Kellogg envisioned a future where children everywhere could “face the future more confidently, healthier in mind and body, and more secure in their trust of this country and its institutions.” Almost 90 years of dedicated work to support Mr. Kellogg’s vision affirms that children thrive within the support of their family circle and community. 

Yet at this moment, children, families and communities are reeling from recent assaults — the violence in El Paso and Dayton, the ICE sweeps in Mississippi and the ongoing family separation at the border. Thousands of children are suffering trauma today from grief, from fear, from uncertainty, from the use of power to threaten rather than protect. Our grantees and partners across every network and coalition are working steadily to reduce that trauma. We stand in solidarity with them for we know that for children to thrive, their families and communities need to be safe and whole. 

Our generational commitment to New Mexico and Mississippi, and our work in many other places illustrates how leaders across every sector can band together to reduce the shocks, to address the root causes and to make our institutions, our systems and our laws more equitable and trustworthy. We commend organizations like these and many others who stand with children, families and communities. 

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
Hispanics in Philanthropy
Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance (MIRA) 
National Women’s Law Center
New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty
New Mexico Dream Team
New Mexico Immigrant Law Center
Opportunity Agenda
United We Dream

We recognize their courage and resolve, and call on leaders across this country to join them — to act in solidarity on behalf of children at every decision point. Our actions at every level determine what is possible for families and their communities. Our children deserve better. 



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