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New tool to evaluate mission investment

The Mission Aligned Framework for Investing, introduced in this report, is a management and governance tool created by KKS Advisors on behalf of the Kellogg Foundation and seeks to help mission-driven investors in four ways.

  • First, as an assessment tool for spurring systems-level impacts during investment due diligence.
  • Second, as a diagnostic tool post-investment to understand portfolio level interactions and synergies across investments.
  • Third, as a monitoring tool for assessing whether investees are delivering the anticipated impact.
  • Fourth, as a collaboration tool where different teams working across investment and philanthropic projects could have a platform for cross-learning, information exchange and collaboration.

The Mission Aligned Framework for Investing offers a set of determinants related to our programmatic strategy and desired outcomes. As we evaluate our investments, this analysis is contributing to our thinking and ongoing measurement of sustained impact.
We offer the report that follows as a resource for the field and a tool for other organizations exploring mechanisms to evaluate the social effect of investments in pursuit of deep impact.

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