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W. K. Kellogg Foundation reaffirms its commitment to Haiti

The Board of Trustees, Executive Council and the entire Kellogg Foundation staff are saddened by the escalating economic, political and social strains that have led to mass protests and hampered delivery of critical services to children and families throughout Haiti. Our grantees, partners, communities and the people of Haiti are in our hearts and on our minds during these challenging times. We are thankful that calm and normalcy are returning to the country, and that our partners are continuing to provide critical services to improve the lives of children, their families and communities.

We have followed events in Haiti with heavy hearts during the past few weeks – babies dying because they could not be taken to hospitals, hospitals closing due to lack of supplies and electricity, children not able to attend school, families who could not find water and food. It is our hope that there will be a peaceful resolution to the issues that have led to these calamities and fueled the inequities and structural violence that have plagued vulnerable children and families in Haiti for so long.

The Kellogg Foundation reaffirms its commitment to partner with communities in Haiti for at least a generation and assure that children and families in the communities where we are working have access to quality education, quality infant and maternal care, and income generating activities that will make them more financially secure. Our commitment to Haiti is not new; we have been a partner since the 1950s. We believed then, as we do now, in a future where all children have opportunities to thrive and to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society. Achieving this goal in Haiti remains a priority for the Kellogg Foundation.

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