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A $23 billion gap and a final farewell

At A Glance is a bi-weekly news recap highlighting WKKF grantees, investments, communities and partnerships.

There’s a $23 billion funding gap between white and non-white school districts nationwide. Take a moment for that to sink in. And no, it’s not a typo – it’s billion with a ‘b.’ In a recently released report from WKKF grantee EdBuild, hard data shows ‘local control’ of funding works far better for some communities than it does for others. NPR, CNN and NYTimes all have pieces covering this report. We’ll let you take your pick. The more you know…

Haiti needs a new narrative. The Haiti of today – and its prevailing hope – cannot be understood without acknowledging its complex history. Haiti Untold tells a story often unheard: the hope, the pride, the creativity and the independence of the people. We partnered with Round Earth Media to focus on reporting that gets to the root causes of Haiti’s current conditions. Now, diverse audiences can receive today’s news with deep context, offered through local and mainstream media outlets. Learn more about Round Earth Media’s unique approach of pairing local and U.S. journalists to cover important, underreported stories reaching diverse audiences in Haiti and the U.S.

We’ve heard of food deserts, but what about childcare deserts? It’s a real thing. And it’s a growing concern for rural residents. WKKF grantee ChildCare Aware of Washington has been advocating for more high-quality child care by leading projects that increase the quality and availability of child care, undertaking research and advocating for child care policies that positively impact the lives of children and families. “The Child Care Workforce and Facilities Act would provide grants to states, who in turn would help pay to train and retain child care workers and build facilities in regions lacking enough programs to meet the needs of their population.” This is getting bipartisan support. Keep an eye on this one!

On a personal note: Rob Restuccia, former director of two WKKF grantees – Community Catalyst and Health Care for All, passed away this week after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Rob was a champion for both dental therapy and for health reform. He was instrumental in getting health reform in place in Massachusetts and an early champion for engaging community-led organizations in policy debates. You can read more about some of Rob’s many accomplishments here. We are grateful for the life and legacy of Rob. Thoughts and prayers are being sent to his family and colleagues.

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