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Celebrate our common humanity; this is #HowWeHeal

The third annual National Day of Racial Healing is only a few weeks away – on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019 – and plans are underway in many communities to gather, learn together and celebrate our common humanity. We are excited to share news about a special livestreamed event to be hosted by visionary Ava DuVernay and ways to participate – and to invite you to share news about what you are planning through https://healourcommunities.org/day-of-racial-healing/.

The work on behalf of children, and shared commitment to racial equity and racial healing, was the inspiration for establishing the National Day of Racial Healing – to inspire action in every community to bridge racial divides and begin to heal. Each year we have widened the circle and creatively drawn more people into the call for racial healing. 

Last year, dozens of activities and events in more than 24 states across the country brought together civic leaders, artists, musicians, teachers, librarians and students of all ages. Gatherings of all sizes at community venues across the country and on social platforms collectively raised the call for racial healing.

This year, our goal remains the same: to issue a national call for racial healing, gather together people from across our communities to celebrate our shared humanity and inspire action.  

DuVernay – who recently joined the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Solidarity Council on Racial Equity – is curating an experience for the National Day of Racial Healing to inspire and amplify conversations and action across the country. The livestreamed event will be an intimate and inclusive gathering of activists and leaders who will honor our common humanity and create space to celebrate the distinct differences that make our communities vibrant. We hope you, your colleagues, friends and neighbors will tune in on Jan. 22, 2019, beginning at 1 p.m. PT.

Several resources are available to help you be a voice for racial healing, whether you’re planning a local event, considering a lunchtime gathering for your co-workers, or inviting people into your home to watch the livestream and share your stories. Submit your public events here as we map the events for the day. Here you’ll also find proclamation text, conversation guides, social engagement tools and other resources, along with details on the national livestream event. Follow along on social media with our hashtag: #HowWeHeal.

Together we can help others recognize that racism divides us and racial healing unites us. As we approach Jan. 22, 2019, in celebration of our common humanity, let us resolve to invite more people to join us on this important journey with the futures of all our children in mind.

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