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A new council and safe lettuce

Sprout BC is ramping up local food systems with WKKF support. In just under a decade, Sprout has become a formidable supplier, sourcing naturally grown vegetables, fruits and other foods from 45 local food producers in the Battle Creek area. With healthier and more fresh options to local communities, Sprout says: Go ahead, eat our lettuce! 

Imagine budgeting for your family with an annual income of $11,000. Yes, annual. That is a reality for many parents in our country. WKKF Class 1 Fellow and Springboard to Opportunities’ CEO, Aisha Nyandoro, is connecting families living in affordable housing with resources and programs that help them advance themselves in school, work and life…to the tune of $1000 a month. A new experiment is taking place with 16 women in Mississippi. They are being given $1000 a month in cash— no strings attached—in efforts to help lift African- American mothers out of poverty. We’re FOR SURE cheering this team on!

Last month, our president and CEO, La June Montgomery Tabron gathered with 20 leaders from across the world to launch a new council aimed at inspiring and engaging more people to pursue racial equity. The newly established Solidarity Council on Racial Equity (SCoRE) will set a course for placing racial equity on center stage and reach beyond our familiar circles. Their collective efforts will culminate in a global symposium in September 2020. Stay tuned for more information on this powerhouse council.

Millions of adults struggle to succeed in the United States labor market, but we believe low-income working adults can more successfully move from underemployment to more stable jobs through the use of quality adult learning and employment technologies. Hence the reason we’re thrilled to see a new partnership between Education Technology Fund and PAIRIN, a fast-growing, social enterprise software company whose products personalize career exploration, professional development and hiring. We’re honored to be an investor in this work and will continue to ensure communities are thriving so that families can thrive—so that children can thrive.

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