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Building Homes and Home Runs

At A Glance is a bi-weekly news recap highlighting WKKF grantees, investments, communities and partnerships.

College doesn’t have to be about eating ramen and wondering how you’ll use your degree. For some students at Central New Mexico Community College, it’s about learning how to build energy efficient, high-performing, and cost-effective homes and getting paid while doing it! CNM Ingenuity is using grant money from WKKF to support various science, technology, engineering and math programs in Albuquerque and will be giving students the opportunity to help more New Mexicans live in high quality, affordable homes.

A homerun, a grand slam or a field of dreams; whatever baseball metaphor you want to use, we think this is fantastic news for Detroit children! The Corner Ballpark recently opened as a space to host youth games, markets, concerts and workforce trainings after raising $20 million dollars to redeveloping the historic Tiger Stadium. With additional support from WKKF, the next three years will be funded to keep the program going well into the 9th inning.

Third grade is when students often make the leap from learning to read to reading to learn. Kellogg Foundation grantees have made that a priority for decades, so we’re excited to welcome the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to the early childhood education funding playground with funding to develop an online screening tool.

United Way of Greater Atlanta has a plan to connect volunteers with 250,000 children and their families in metro area neighborhoods. A $400,000 grant from W.K. Kellogg Foundation is part of their 10-year strategy to boost family engagement in early learning so more of Atlanta’s children will thrive. Sounds peachy!

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