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Grantee Jesuit Social Research Institute releases new report measuring states’ progress on social justice

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<p>WKKF grantee <a href=Jesuit Social Research Institute recently released a new report on social justice indicators: issues like poverty, racial disparities and immigrant exclusion, in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C.

The report, “JustSouth INDEX 2016,” identifies where inequity is concentrated and examines the historic, structural and systemic factors that have – and continue to – contribute to inequity in certain communities and states.

Michigan ranked highest of all four of the Kellogg Foundation’s priority places, coming in at 30th. Other priority places included New Mexico, which ranked 46th; Mississippi came in at 50th; followed by Louisiana, which trailed at 51st.

The report provides valuable information for advocates, philanthropists, community leaders and policymakers to better understand the social justice challenges in their communities so that we can all move forward and focus on addressing critical barriers and increasing equity.

Learn more about the findings by viewing the full report.


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