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Explore WKKF’s new racial equity tool

WKKF has launched racialequityresourceguide.org, a web-based, interactive resource guide providing individuals and organizations access to extensive learning materials and data on racial inequities, their impact on communities of color and the process for healing racial wounds so that communities can move forward together.
A part of WKKF’s pioneering America Healing effort, the resource guide will share the collective insights, studies and tools of individuals and organizations that have been working to foster racial healing and racial equity in communities across the country. The guide, which lists hundreds of national and community organizations and experts on specific topics, is also a valuable asset for media outlets seeking to report on a wide range of topics related to racial equity.
The website allows users to customize their own package of materials on specific topics that fit the needs of an individual or organization. Users can start with a pre-made toolkit or build an entirely new one by filtering by areas of focus, issue areas or material type. After registering and customizing a toolkit, users have the option to save it or generate a PDF for downloading, printing and sharing.

Experience the new Racial Equity Resource Guide for yourself by visiting racialequityresourceguide.org.

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