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Healing Histories, Central City: Because every community has a story

During 2012, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation undertook a new project called Healing Histories that is an online, interactive documentary series showcasing authentic stories of communities and individuals and their journey through of racial healing.

The first Healing History in this series captures stories from Central City, New Orleans – a community with a unique and storied history when it comes to race and equity in America.  Through a combination of videos, photographs and interviews, the Central City story weaves together different residents’ perspectives about the legacy of racism and segregation in their community, as well as the collaborative steps neighbors are putting into place to resolve inequities to improve health, education and economic outcomes for their children.

“Healing Histories” takes an innovative approach to storytelling. Unlike most documentaries, it’s interactive. Visitors to the site choose which videos to watch, which interviews to hear and which photographs to view, as if touring a museum and deciding to go down one corridor rather than another.

To explore the Central City project visit: www.healinghistories.org

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