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Social innovation sites in Mexico featured in ECLAC tour

In 2005, the Kellogg Foundation partnered with the Economic commission for Latin America (ECLAC) to find, understand and recognize some of the most relevant social innovations in the region. For five years, the ECLAC team supported by a group of external experts reviewed hundreds of projects and ultimately distinguished twenty five winners. In an effort to bring these inspiring stories to the Latin American people, ECLAC organized country events and developed both printed and online formats allowing a rich knowledge exchange. As a closing to the first loop of this ambitious program, ECLAC implemented an unprecedented tour of these internationally celebrated innovations in Mexico, beginning in Mexico city and then visiting six southeastern states. With the support of local governments, academia and civil society, the social innovation tour allowed a discussion directly where it is most needed, with local communities and organizations that work every day against poverty. For towns like Xpujil in Campeche, or Morelos in the state of Quintana Roo, this was the first time that such an event occurred. Local citizens celebrated the exchange with a warm reception to the visitors including local food and cultural activities. The tour also allowed a unique opportunity for the winners of the social innovation program to better know each other and strengthen the relationships among them. In the coming months, a similar effort will take place in Haiti where the tour will visit Port au Prince, Mirebalais and Les Cayes.

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