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USDA unveils new MyPlate icon

USDA MyPlate Icon
Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled its new food icon, MyPlate, built upon the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for all Americans. The W. K. Kellogg Foundation supports the new icon, especially because it emphasizes and promotes healthy foods like vegetables and fruits in a simple way.

“We are excited to see such a clear, intuitive icon that promotes healthy food. This will be a useful tool to help children and their families at mealtimes every day,” says Dr. Gail Christopher, vice president for program strategy.

People can only make good choices when nutritious food is affordable and available. Our current food system unfortunately leaves many children, families and communities without access to fresh, healthy and good food.

Ultimately the health of our nation is determined by the health of our people. We must all work together to ensure that budget and policy decisions support access to healthy, fresh and affordable food for all, so everyone can make practical use of the new food icon’s guidance.

Learn more about the Kellogg Foundation’s Food & Community Program at www.foodandcommunity.org.

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