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The Partnership for a Healthier America Names Larry Soler as New President and CEO

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. –  The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is pleased to share its support as The Partnership for a Healthier America announces Larry Soler as its new President and CEO.

“Larry Soler is an innovative leader who understands the complex issues underlying childhood obesity,” says Sterling Speirn, president and CEO of the Kellogg Foundation. “We have an unprecedented opportunity to end childhood obesity within a generation, and we’re thrilled to have Larry’s leadership at The Partnership during this critical time.”

The Kellogg Foundation is proud to be a founding member of The Partnership for a Healthier America, an independent, nonpartisan organization that is mobilizing broad‐based support for efforts to solve the growing childhood obesity epidemic. Its core activities include:

  • Developing a strong membership network of leaders across sectors with commitment to scaling meaningful and measurable solutions;
  • Convening members annually to affirm, align and announce commitments;
  • Promoting broad understanding among all sectors about the role healthy food, physical activity and the environment play in reversing the childhood obesity epidemic;
  • Facilitating and measuring the impact of members’ commitments against clear and transparent targets; and
  • Connecting potential partners in the private and nonprofit sectors to each other and to the correct points of contact in government to ensure efficient leveraging of actions, and sharing of knowledge and lessons learned at the community, state and national levels.

The Partnership emerged out of a series of conversations between the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The California Endowment, Kaiser Permanente, Nemours, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which is a partnership with the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation. SNR Denton LLP has provided valuable pro‐bono operational and legal support in establishing the Partnership. The Brookings Institution has also contributed thought leadership to the effort.

For more information about the Partnership for a Healthier America, please visit www.aHealthierAmerica.org.

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