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Dr. Linda Randolph Receives Prestigious Award

Dr. Linda Randolph, president and CEO of the Developing Families Center (DCDFC) in Washington, DC, is one of the seven recipients of the prestigious Seven Who Stretch the Possible award. This outstanding leader has dedicated most of her professional life to improving the health of women and children.

The DCDFC which is funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation promotes the empowerment of low-income families through the collaboration of three nonprofit service providers: the DC Birth Center, Healthy Babies Project, and Nation’s Capital Child and Family Development.

This small nonprofit network focuses on using advanced practice nurses, community health nurses, breastfeeding peer counselors, family service workers and trained early childhood teachers to provide comprehensive services to young families, largely African American, living in nearby low-income communities. The results are a startling improvement in maternal and infant health, including a dramatic drop in the number of premature and Caesarean section births.

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