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Community Voices Impacts International Journal on Men’s Health

Siegfried Meryn, MD, President of the International Society for Men’s Health (ISMH) and Dr. Henrie Treadwell, Director of the Community Voices program have forged a valuable partnership over the past several years adding valuable perspective to their policy strategies. Together their collaboration has led to the restructuring of the ISMH’s scholarly peer-reviewed Journal of Men’s Health (JMH).  The journal has expanded it’s field on men’s health—from research discourse and clinical practice to policy advocacy and program development.

The new structure of the JMH editorial advisory structure has been reorganized according to “sections,” each headed by a world reknown leader in men’s health.  The multinational group of section editors will include Dr. Treadwell who has assumed editorship of the Social Determinants of Health section. Her leadership will ensure that both clinically-oriented as well as social science-focused JMH readers benefit from insightful reviews and substantive original research on social determinants of health among boys and men. This collaboration will ensure that ISMH, Community Voices, and the JMH will remain at the forefront of clinical, research and policy discourse internationally.

Community Voices: Health Care for the Underserved is a group of community-based demonstration projects dedicated to finding real-life ways to provide greater access to quality health care to the underserved and uninsured.

ISMH is an international, multidisciplinary, worldwide organization, dedicated to the rapidly growing field of sex and gender specific medicine.

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