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DC Birth Center Delivers on Healthy Babies

According to Dr. Ruth Watson Lubic, founder and chairman of the Family Health and Birth Center, the Center is reducing costs for the city’s health care system by more than $1.5 million annually on 150 births; primarily because of the reduced number of cesarean sections, low birth weight and preterm deliveries. With funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundtion, the Center addresses the problem of infant mortality by encouraging women to take part in their own prenatal care.  In a recent video Ms. Lubic spoke with Timeka Murphy of the trust developed between midwives and clients which helps lead to healthier babies.

Housed in a former supermarket and located in a low-income area of the District, the Center provides gynecological and obstetrical services, as well as parenting advice to women and general health services to children. According to an article in the Washington Post the not-for-profit has an increasing number of prenatal patients that choose to deliver in the birthing rooms and there is data indicating the center is narrowing key health disparities with its predominantly African American patients.

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