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New Policy Report on Integrative Approach to Justice

A new report has been released by the Open Society Institute (OSI) recommending investment in “pre-entry” interventions to break the cycle of incarceration and decrease crime. The report Moving Toward a More Integrative Approach to Justice Reform presents a vision of an integrative approach to justice reform—an approach that utilizes multidisciplinary collaboration to share perspectives on the issues that fuel the cycle of incarceration, to promote public investments in effective intervention strategies, and to advance public safety by decreasing the likelihood that a person will engage in risky or criminal behavior, instead of building more prisons and jails.

Community Voices, National Center for Primary Care, Morehouse School of Medicine is part of the initial group of research, advocacy, academic, and direct service organizations to endorse the report’s recommendations. “We believe that these recommendations will, if implemented, seed and energize a new movement to promote more effective approaches to criminal justice issues and abate the disproportionate numbers of the poor and people of color cycling through the system,” said Dr. Henrie Treadwell, Director, Community Voices of Morehouse School of Medicine.

Community Voices is managed by the National Center for Primary Care (NCPC) at the Morehouse School of Medicine. NCPC coordinates the efforts of several resource groups to assist these eight communities working on this national effort.



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