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Transferring Wealth into Charitable Good for Michigan

(Nov. 12, 2007) In a report released today, county by county data highlights the potential transfer of wealth in Michigan, from one generation to the next, offering new hope for the future of Michigan communities. These assets have the potential to create permanent community funds to generate local grants for improving communities across Michigan.

“We are pleased to have funded this analysis, ” says Rick Foster, vice president for programs. “This effort has communities at its heart – communities making choices for their own future, which may lead to better health care systems, better school systems, or increased economic development.”

This analysis of the transfer of wealth is based on efforts that the Kellogg Foundation has been funding in Nebraska, through the Hometown Competitiveness Model of the Nebraska Community Foundation and Center for Rural Entrepreneurship.

Prepared by the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, this report was commissioned by Midwest Community Foundations’ Ventures with funding from the Kellogg Foundation. To view the downloadable report, visit www.cmif.org.


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