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Youth Pilot Successful Production Projects in Valle Santa Catalina

Youth from Valle Santa Catalina responded enthusiastically to an initiative by the Comprehensive Cluster of Projects from Trujillo to boost production: the contest “Jóvenes Desarrolando Iniciativas Innovadoras” (Youth Developing Innovative Initiatives), which was supported by the Kellogg Foundation.

Youth from the districts of Laredo, Moche, Poroto and Simbal were at the helm of the social and economic initiatives that won the contest. The youth are members of business networks, tourism associations and youth organizations from Valle Santa Catalina.

They all received prior training in resource management, accountability and the preparation of reports (technical and economic). The initiative was their first experience as managers of social and production projects that came with responsibilities and commitments.

The contest promoted youth protagonism and empowerment in local participation and decision-making processes. The majority of the youth received support from grassroots social organizations and local governments. In the cluster’s evaluation, this kind of engagement has created an environment conducive to the development of new projects involving youth organizations.

Economic Initiatives

  • Buying and Selling authorized inputs for agriculture management using good farming practices.

  • Production and marketing of guinea pigs.

  • Reopening the Radio Fuego radio station.

  • Promoting Adventure Sports in Conache.

  • Supplying painted gourds to handicraft stores.

  • Enlarging the network of recreational centers by farming Malaysian prawn.

Social Initiatives

  • Training and initiative for setting up the Council of Youth and of Culture.

  • Improvements to the community center in Santa Rosa.

  • Introduction of a dance course in Qurihuac.

  • Repairing our sports field.

  • Embellishment of Catuay.

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