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Publications Chart Progress of Young Citizen Project

The effective use of communication tools is a crucial factor behind the solid results presented by the Young Citizen project. The website of the NGO Formação (www.formacao.org.br), one of the organizations responsible for setting up the project and for its implementation, contains large amounts of documentation on its history.

Moreover, two books have been published that outline the initiative step by step and address issues such as youth protagonism and education in the state of Maranhão from a viewpoint of regional development and breaking the cycle of poverty.

The first is Ensino Médio e Educação Profissional no Maranhão (Secondary Education and Professional Training in Maranhão), in partnership with Unicef, and the second is Projeto Jovem Cidadão (Young Citizen Project), with the support of the Kellogg Foundation.

By systemizing and discussing the experiences with Young Citizen, the organizations involved with the cluster of projects enable other groups to learn about the experience and conclude that universal teachings can be gleaned from it and then replicated in other realities.

Read morewww.formacao.org.br (information available in Portuguese only).



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