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Principal Advances Secured by the Project

The overall impact achieved by the Young Citizen project demonstrates the scope of its activities in Maranhão state’s Baixada lowland region and lake district.

Foremost among them are:

  • The introduction of vocational secondary education.
  • Digital inclusion, as a result of the establishment of 12 telecenters.
  • The inclusion of youth in the circuit of farming activities that preserve the agroecosystem, which has improved family incomes and nutrition.
  • The inclusion of youth in the management of the region’s social organizations (among them the Young Citizen Management Forum), which has improved the methods of association for mutual aid.
  • The inclusion of youth in municipal education department activities.
  • An improvement in the quality of housing for young people in the region.
  • Youth participation in municipal governments (Youth, Sanitation and Town Planning Departments).
  • An improvement in the operating methods of youth organizations.
  • And extended access to culture, to communication and to sport and leisure activities.

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