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Scholars Impact Public Health and Health Field

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is the only national philanthropic organization that invests in the development of minority leaders in public, social, and behavioral health postdoctoral programs across the country. In 1998, it funded the Kellogg Fellowship Program in Health Policy Research.

In 2006, two Kellogg-funded postdoctoral programs were combined to create The Kellogg Health Scholars Program, which seeks to develop new leadership in the effort to reduce and eliminate health disparities and to secure equal access to the conditions and services essential for achieving healthy communities. This new and enhanced post-doctoral program combined the efforts of the former Community Health Scholars Program (CHSP) at the University of Michigan and the Scholars in Health Disparities Program (SHDP) at the Center for the Advancement of Health. The new Kellogg Health Scholars Program links community-led policy work and research and provides two-year postdoctoral fellowships at multiple training sites.

These two antecedent programs are combining their proven strengths and are partnering with allies in policy and practice organizations across the country to build a movement for the elimination of health disparities and the securing of equal access to the conditions and services essential for the achievement of healthy communities.

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