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Kellogg Foundation Board of Trustees Visits Brazil

The Kellogg Foundation Board of Trustees in October paid a visit to three states from Northeast Brazil that are home to some of the regional development projects it supports. Each year, the board visits institutions and projects that receive grants from the Foundation; this year, the chosen country was Brazil.

Their trip began in the Baixada Maranhense region of the state of Maranhão, where the Board of Trustees visited the Young Citizen Project, which promotes youth leadership and digital inclusion, while fostering entrepreneurship among the region’s youth.

They then continued on to Bacia do Goitá, in the state of Pernambuco, to meet with leaders and youth from Alternative Technology Service (SERTA), whose work focuses on education in the countryside and incentives for family farming. The final leg of the trip took the board to the Bahia state capital of Salvador, where they met with representatives of projects working with youth leadership and socio-environmental studies.

“It was important to share with the Board the progress we have made with these projects, as well as learning about the strategic liaisons being developed in the region,” said the Latin America Program Director Andrés Thompson, who is responsible for the Foundation’s work in Brazil.


Published in Interaction nº 19

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