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Zero to Three publishes “Infants, Toddlers, and Families in Rural America”

This March 2006 (Vol 26, No. 4) edition is available to order online at the website of Zero to Three. Selected articles are reprinted for web reading.

Journal of Zero to Three’s summary of edition: “This issue was sponsored by the National Center for Rural Early Childhood Learning Initiatives at Mississippi State University Early Childhood Institute, whose work uncovers and interprets the distinct experiences of rural infants, young children, and their families. Articles include a preview of results of an examination of two important national early childhood data sets, as well as evidence of the impact of prenatal exposure to methamphetamines. These findings will provide a sturdy platform from which to launch new research into the bioecology of rural early childhood. Many of the other contributors to this issue focus on relationships between young children and adults in rural settings over time, especially in the context of adversity. These articles cover insights into the immediate impact of Hurricane Katrina on rural child care, as well as community-wide strategies to overcome more than a century of efforts to eradicate Native American cultures. There is also discussion of the unique logistical nightmares, slashed budgets, and professional development challenges that rural practitioners encounter.”

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