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Coaching Roundtable Reports

Our goal, to convene people across coaching initiatives, led us to new colleagues as well as to new learning. We have attached our report on the roundtable that captures some of that learning about, and passion for, coaching for community and organizational change. We have also attached three concept papers that emerged from the break-out sessions. We see this report as filling a great gap in our understanding of coaching by providing a definition of what coaching for community really is and documenting what coaches do, how they do it, why they do and with what kinds of results.  Roundtable participants described our work and distributed the report to the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals in February.  We expect to generate additional interest and enthusiasm about community coaching at the Community Development Society Meetings in St Louis in June.  The response to the report at NACDEP was exciting. We have also sent the PDF to other partners focused on community change here and abroad. In addition we have distributed the notes from the Roundtable and the report to the participants.

Coaching for Community and Organizational Change

The Role of the Intermediary in Community-Focused Project Including a Component on Coaching

Is Coaching a Good Fit for Extension? Summary of an Open Space Discussion

Co-coaching: A Strategy for Maximizing Investment in Community Capacity Building

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