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Youth Deliver Change in Mexico

Faces and Voices Foundation (FDS), from Mexico, has contributed to the empowerment of youth and left its mark on the architecture of the Mexican capital.
Over the past two years, the organization, which is supported by the Kellogg Foundation, has participated in the reconstruction of four public squares in the historic center of the city and of nine buildings that are home to community centers. The three key components of the program are to train unemployed youth with a view to their integration into the labor market, produce real benefits for the community and develop leadership and other life skills in young people.
The youth, aged between 17 and 19, learn while they work, in a process in which not only they, but also others, benefit. The FDS project uses a methodology that has been tested and approved in other countries, primarily in the United States, over the past 25 years.

Read more about Faces and Voices Foundation (FDS) [in spanish]


Published in Interaction nº 14

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