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Finalist Projects Named in Social Innovation Award

Twenty projects from nine countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have been selected as finalists in the competition “Experiences in Social Innovation”, organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), and supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Initiatives are from Argentina (3), Bolivia (1), Brazil (9), Chile (1), Colombia (2), Guatemala (1), Haiti (1), Paraguay (1) and Peru (1). All have made an important contribution to the fight against poverty and inequality in their respective countries, by offering innovative approaches to improving health care, education, nutrition, agricultural production and people’s incomes, particularly those of the poorest, most excluded sectors. Moreover, four projects work with indigenous populations and two have brought growing recognition of the traditional medicine of these original peoples.

The awards ceremony will take place on 10 – 11 November 2005 at ECLAC headquarters, in Santiago, Chile. The winning project will receive US$10,000; the second, US$8,000; the third, US$5,000; the fourth, US$3,000; and the fifth, US$2,000. The other 15 finalists will receive honourable mentions.

An “Innovation Fair” will also take place, allowing finalists to share their experiences with the public and encourage implementation of similar projects in other countries in the region.

1600 groups in different ECLAC member countries in this region responded to the first version of this competition. Finalists include many NGOs, followed by social or community organizations, cooperatives, municipal authorities and educational institutions.

The “Experiences in Social Innovation” award will be held annually. The cycle 2005-2006 was launched at the end of June 2005.

More information on the award may be found in the Internet pages http://www.eclac.cl/ and http://www.wkkf.org/, by telephone (56-2) 210-2297 or by e-mail: Innovacion.social@cepal.org.

Projects Selected for the Third Phase


  • Alternation Education for the Third Cycle of EGB (Basic General Education) in the countryside – U.E.F.A.S. (Union of Santa Fe Family Agriculture Schools);

  • “Curtains up…kids in action” – School No.  234 “MANUEL BELGRANO”;

  • Andean Crops Integrated Program – C.A.U.Que.Va 2004 – Quebrada and Valleys Artisan Cooperative Union – C.A.U.Que.Va Ltda.

  • Bolívia

  • Ecotechnological Project – PRODENER/ALISEI

  • Brazil

  • “Living with the Reality of the Semi-Arid Project” – Grassroots Education and Union Training  Center-CEPFS;

  • Community Health Efforts in the Tapajós National Forest – CEAPS – Center of Advanced Studies for Social and Environmental Promotion / Health and Joy Project;

  • “SACI Network – Solidarity, Support, Communication and Information” – CECAE – Executive Coordinating Committee for University Cooperation and Special Activities;

  • Chapada Project – Association of Parents, Teachers and Farmers from Caeté-Açú;

  • Sustainable development of the sisaleira region – Association of Small Farmers from the Municipality of Valente;

  • Victory of Life Community Committees – Municipal City Council of Vitória – MUNICIPAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT;

  • Health and Education among the Hupdäh Indians – HEALTH WITHOUT LIMITS (SSL) ASSOCIATION

  • Brazil Nut Project – Brazilian Institute of Education in Sustainable Business – IBENS;

  • Ecoorgânica – Cooperative of Family Organic Farmers

  • Chile

  • Intercultural Health Program-Williche People of Chiloé Complementary Health Model – General Council of Williche Chiefs from the Indigenous Community of Buta Huapi Chilhue

  • Colombia

  • “Strengthening and Promoting the Traditional Medicine of the Indigenous Pijao and Páez del Tolima People” – Association of Town Councils and Traditional Authorities of the Tolima Regional Indigenous Council “CRIT”;

  • Tulapa Horizon of Hope – Uraba and Western Cordoba Community Association “ASOCOMUN”

  • Guatemala

  • Prevention of the drug and street gang phenomenon in marginalized urban and rural areas – Ceiba Association

  • Haiti

  • Leche Agogo: Support Program for the production, processing and marketing of milk in – Haiti – VETERIMED

  • Paraguay

  • Neighborhood Cooperation with Small Farmers – “COVEPA” – Volendam Ltda. Production, Consumption and Services Cooperative

  • Peru

  • Growth and Collective Development – Taller de los Niños (Children’s Workshop) Association

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