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Survey Looks at Impact of the Changing American Family on Generation Y

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Survey Looks at Impact of the Changing American Family on Generation Y

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October 11th, 2005. Washington, DC: The latest GQR+Polimetrix Youth Monitor looks at the impact of the changing structure of American families on today’s youth.

The survey finds America’s next generation of adults caught between stereotypes of the ideal American family and today’s reality – where the majority of young people will see one of their parents leave home before they graduate high school.

Among the findings:

  • Generation Y has adapted to their views about family to accommodate today’s realities and an overwhelming majority of those from both traditional (two married parents) and non-traditional homes describe their childhood as happy.

  • Regardless of their pragmatic attitudes toward what marriage should look like and cynicism about whether or not marriages last, most Gen-Yers still plan to get married themselves. Generation Y holds to a view of marriage as a life-long commitment between two people.

  • When it comes to marriage, Gen-Y women are markedly less conventional and more pragmatic than their male counterparts.

  • The new shape of family life in America may have an impact on the values of Gen-Y, who are more progressive on social issues – like gay marriage – than any other generation in the American electorate.

To download the report and survey results, visit our website:http://www.greenbergresearch.com/issues/news.php

To see other research and analysis conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, visit http://www.greenbergresearch.com/campaigns_us/publications.php

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