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Ecotrust Names New Vice President of Food and Farms

Sustainable Agriculture Pro Replaces Longtime Ecotrust Executive Eileen Brady

PORTLAND, Ore.October 19, 2005 – Ecotrust, the Portland-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing conservation and economic development leadership from Alaska to California, has named Deborah Kane vice president of its Food and Farms Program. Kane will be responsible for fostering ecological, profitable and socially just regional food systems within the bioregion defined by Ecotrust as Salmon Nation.

Kane will replace Eileen Brady, a five year Ecotrust veteran recognized nationally for her leadership in building regional food economies, her work in the natural foods retail grocery industry, and skill for developing sustainability-based marketing programs.

“Eileen’s passion for good food and a sane food system has been a major force within Ecotrust and the sustainable ag world – and her vision to build a citizens movement in Salmon Nation leaves an indelible mark here,” said Ecotrust Founder and President Spencer Beebe. “While she’s resigned her daily leadership of the Food and Farms Program, we are pleased she will continue to be an advisor and friend.”

Brady is departing to spend time with her family and dedicate more energy to board commitments, which include Celilo Group Media, publishers of Chinook Book and Sustainable Industries Journal, and Zenger Farm, the first urban agricultural park in the nation committed to educating children about food sources.

Sustainable Agriculture Advocate and Entrepreneur To Lead Ecotrust Food and Farms Program
Kane brings to Ecotrust both an academic and practical understanding of food and farming related issues, and a proven track record for successfully advancing sustainable food and farming programs.

“Deborah’s expertise, creative energy and network of constituents will further the Food and Farm Program work and our goal of building direct market infrastructure for regional food economies,” said Beebe.

Kane most recently ran an independent consulting business specializing in supply chain assessment, communications and marketing, special event planning, fundraising, program development, and evaluation for sustainable food and farming related clients. Simultaneously, she co-founded The Head Table (www.theheadtable.net), a television show that tackles contemporary food-related issues head-on with a format featuring facts, unscripted opinion, candid debate, humor, and cooking how-to. She is also a regular host of a food oriented feature called YUM! for Live Wire Radio, a monthly Oregon Public Broadcasting program taped in front of a live studio audience. Kane’s new position with Ecotrust will allow her to continue her involvement with The Head Table and Live Wire, as her work with food and farm communities will provide a platform upon which to develop content for both broadcast series.

From 1997 to 2004, Deborah served as executive director of Food Alliance, one of the nation’s leading certification organizations for environmentally friendly and socially responsible agriculture practices. During Deborah’s tenure she played a key role in the development of sustainable agriculture certification programs and significantly increased the number of marketplace partners that carry Food Alliance certified products.

About Ecotrust (www.ecotrust.org)
Ecotrust’s mission is to build Salmon Nation, a place where people and wild salmon thrive. Founded in 1991 and based in Portland, Oregon, Ecotrust works in five programmatic areas: fisheries, forestry, Native programs, food and farms, and citizenship. Ecotrust strives to address the root causes of our ecological, social and economic problems by 1) defining core issues, 2) demonstrating how to imbue local and regional economies with social and ecological integrity, and 3) catalyzing an inclusive movement to create a reliable prosperity throughout the bio-region.

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Updated contacts at Ecotrust:

Deborah J. Kane
Vice President Food and Farms Program

Lauren Johnson
Vice President of Communications and Development

721 NW 9th Avenue, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97209

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