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Delta Nonprofits Create Maximum Impact with Philanthropic Dollars

Tallulah, LA — As a result of Hurricane Katrina, millions of dollars are pouring into the Delta Region from large philanthropic organizations. The Walton Family Foundation gave $1 million to Foundation for the Mid South to support nonprofit relief efforts in the Delta Region. Northeast Louisiana Community Development Corporation (NELDCDC) has received $25,000 from this fund and is using innovative strategies to ensure that donated funds reach those who need them.

“We are partnering with CDCs in neighboring parishes and generating public service announcements and press releases to maximize our reach,” said NELDCDC Director Moses Williams.

According to Williams, several large donors are willing to make additional funds available for relief efforts if nonprofits and CDCs demonstrate that the funds are needed and that a plan is in place to ensure the funds reach those in need. Because the evacuation shelters are scheduled to close by mid October, it is becoming increasingly difficult to accurately assess the needs of evacuees since they are scattered throughout communities in private homes.

NELDCDC is using a survey to accurately assess the needs of communities in the Northeast Louisiana Delta Region. NELDCDC will review the surveys and release $100 gift cards to evacuees who complete the surveys as well as residents who are housing evacuees. Call (318) 574-0995 for more information.


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