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Young Broadcaster Teaches how to Interpret the News

The 20-year-old student Carlos André Alves was chosen by his colleagues at the Young Citizen Project, in Brazil’s northeastern state of Maranhão, to participate in the 75th Anniversary Conference in São Paulo. The project, which is run by the NGO Formação, also involves the Association of Health in Suburbia and Youth Forums from Maranhão, and it aims to contribute to redressing the low levels of human development in the state. The project is supported by the Kellogg Foundation.

“I joined Young Citizen because I wanted to be taken into consideration by other people,” said Alves. “I feel accomplished for having taken part in an event such as this, which values youth and will help our voices be heard by society.”

Alves is the supervisor of the community radio in his town, São Bento, and this year he will complete a training course to teach primary school history (to pupils up to 14 years of age). At the radio station, he broadcasts the news, which highlights the social programs underway in the region, and plays the music. “I want to help people understand more about our culture and learn how to interpret the incidents that affect our lives,” he said.


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