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Interview: Hanmin Liu

Hanmin Liu has been a member of the Kellogg Foundation’s board of trustees since 1996 and is currently its Chair. He founded the United States-China Educational Institute (USCEI), in San Francisco, California, and the Wildflowers Institute, of which he is both president and a member of the board of trustees. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from the Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities and a doctorate in dental surgery from the New York University’s School of Dentistry. Dr. Liu is a member of the Asian American Pacific Islanders as well.

What did the Foundation expect from the 75th Anniversary Conference in Brazil?
We wanted to hear from the youngsters themselves their concerns, to encourage them to share their experiences and, subsequently, develop the strength to meet the challenges they have ahead of them.

What can society learn from its youth?
Youth possess a natural tendency in favor of change. They are full of energy. They have the resolve to get a lot of things done. They are not resigned. This is why they do not accept as irreversible realities situations that are often considered so by adults.

How does the Latin American Conference link up with the other seminars organized by the Foundation in 2005?
The topics of these meetings were chosen from a diagnosis of the main problems encountered in the countries and regions where the Kellogg Foundation operates through its support for innovative social projects. The seminars will serve to help us make adjustments in our vision on these issues and will enable thousands of people to get involved in the debate. They will have a multiplier effect on the actions of the Foundation, injecting new energy into the actors participating in these projects and also contributing to the growth and qualification of the youth involved with them.


Published in Interaction nº 11

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