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PolicyLink Connects with Mid South Delta Initiative

Greenville, MS – On February 8, representatives of PolicyLink met with Mid South Delta Initiative members to outline a plan for identifying and responding to policy opportunities that would benefit the region. PolicyLink is a national, nonprofit, advocacy organization based in Oakland, CA. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has enlisted PolicyLink to look for links between the work of MSDI participants and policy efforts in the region.

Joe Brooks, PolicyLink Vice President for Civic Engagement  and project director for the Mid South Delta work, explains:  “We want to understand how efforts are working. Is an effort successful because it offers more flexible resources than are currently available from state or federal government? Did [organizations] develop new methods and practices for reaching out and connecting people to the help they need? Are groups of organizations entering into partnerships to combine resources and serve larger numbers of people more efficiently across larger geographies? Understanding more details about how Delta people are innovating will allow us to spread the word about those strategies that are more effective and efficient.”

In the coming months, PolicyLink will conduct interviews and collect data to develop a map of policy opportunities that will serve as a tool for regional discussions and MSDI planning. Learn more about PolicyLink at www.policylink.org.

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