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Organic Handbook Series Offered by NOFA

By: Northeast Organic Farming Association
Publication: Organic Principles and Practices Handbook Series

Northeast Organic Farming Association announces the completion of its Organic Principles and Practices Handbook Series: ten handbooks that present the most proven and successful practices of organic farmers around the region. The ten different handbooks, illustrated and 60-110 pages in length, are written by talented farmer-writers for serious gardeners and commercial growers.

Titles available are:

  • Vegetable Crop Health;

  • Whole Farm Planning;

  • Compost, Vermicompost and Compost Tea;

  • Crop Rotation and Cover Cropping on the Organic Farm;

  • Marketing and Community Relations;

  • Humane and Healthy Poultry Production;

  • Organic Dairy Production;

  • Organic Seed Production and Saving;

  • Organic Weed Management; and

  • Organic Soil Fertility Management.

Books may be purchased individually or at a bulk rate. Development of the series was funded by the NOFA Interstate Council, NOFA/Mass, and SARE.

Find the handbooks at:

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