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New Report Released on “Who will Feed Illinois?”

The report, Feed Ourselves: Strategies for a New Illinois Food System, commissioned by the Illinois Food and Community Funders Group, has been completed and released.

The report focuses on the question “Who will feed Illinois” and identifies action steps that members of the Funders Group should work on immediately and simultaneously to increase the demand for healthy food among Illinois residents, and to promote the accessibility and affordability of local food production.

Red Tomato and its research team, the authors of this report, conducted more than 70 in-depth interviews to get experienced opinions about the prospects of changing the Illinois food system to supply Illinois with affordably, locally-grown products.

The Funders Group includes more than 20 foundations, companies and organizations ranging from Kraft Foods, and the City of Chicago-Department of Planning and Development, to foundations including the Donnelley Foundation, the Lumpkin Family Foundation, Liberty Prairie Foundation and the Chicago Community Trust.

The report is available online at the Chicago Community Trust Web site.

You can also click here to directly view the report PDF.

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