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WKKF Fellows Create the Largest Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance in Brazil

In 1999, five Brazilian WKKF fellows engaged in the Leadership in Philanthropy (LIP) program for the purpose of creating centers in four different states to promote corporate social responsibility. With the project Business Action for Citizenship (Ação Empresarial pela Cidadania), a network of regional organizations working towards disseminating social responsibility policies for companies, they met their goal and even surpassed it.

In a conference held last November, the fellows presented the National Liaison Center (Núcleo de Articulação Nacional – NAN), a coordinating body currently leading the work of thirteen such centers throughout the country. Together, they have implemented several corporate volunteerism, research, youth training and grant-making programs.

Through a coordinated action on a national level, the NAN is now launching a campaign to increase and improve the operations of the public Funds for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, thus becoming the largest and most effective business alliance involved with social development in Brazil. As a result, it has attracted investments from several other organizations, including the Avina Foundation, which has committed to support the work of the NAN for the next five years.


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