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Sustainable Agriculture Course Available Online

The Sustainable Farming Program at Central Carolina Community College is offering AGR139 (3 credits), Intro to Sustainable Ag, as an online course. This is a survey course and is ideal for educators who want to start teaching more about sustainable agriculture, and anyone wanting to learn more about the many facets of sustainable agriculture and lifestyles. Starting with a brief overview of US agriculture and agriculture policy and moving on to the sustainable ag movement and the people who are making it happen, the course then introduces the principles and practices of organic, biodynamic, and sustainable agriculture systems. The course includes discussions of what is “sustainable”, where does your food come from and why does it matter, genetically engineered crops, and a look at the many resources available to those studying sustainable agriculture. The course uses the Fatal Harvest Reader (Andrew Kimbrell, editor) as a textbook and also encourages reading of work by Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, John Ikerd, and many others. For more information about this course, please contact Robin Kohanowich – 919542-6495 ext.229, rkohanowich@cccc.edu. For information about registering for a distance ed course: http://www.cccc.edu/de.html

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