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PASA Field Days Set

The 2004 Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) Field Day Calendar is now available. For more detailed descriptions, registration information, and directions to field days, visit our website at www.pasafarming.org  or call us at 814-349-9856. 

June 3
Tim Bock will present Small Grain Production and Whole Farm Design at Will Daal Farm in Kutztown, Berks County.  Participants will learn about production, harvest, storage, and marketing of organic small grains.  Additionally, folks will learn about how Will Daal Farm has served as a site for sustainable small grain crop research with Penn State. 

June 9
Scott Case will present Organic and IPM Methods for Greenhouses and Fields at Patchwork Farms in Aaronsburg, Centre County. Participants will learn about pot filling equipment, needle seeders, germination chambers, bottom heated benches and irrigation systems.  IPM Specialist Lyn Garling will lead a discussion of IPM methods in both organic and non-organic systems.

June 18
Clair Rhodes will present Elk Farming for Meat and Antler Velvet at Majestic World in Blue Knob, Cambria County. Clair Rhodes, past president and current vice president of the Pennsylvania Elk Breeders Association, will share a holistic picture of elk production, including fencing, feeding, and marketing. Participants will learn about breeding and raising elk for antler velvet, hard horn antlers, shooter bulls, meat, and breeding stock.

June 22, 23, and 24
Trent and Rachel Hendricks will present three workshops on Artisan Raw Milk Cheesemaking at Hendricks Farm in Telford, Montgomery County. Discussion will include dairy layout, feeding for optimal milk for cheese, sanitation, milk handling, cheese basics, equipment, procedures, and storing/aging. Class size is limited to twelve participants each day, register early.

June 29
Art King will present Post Harvest Handling for Produce Marketing at Harvest Valley Farm in Valencia, Butler County.  Participants will learn about handling techniques, harvest containers, washing facilities, grading, packing, cooling and labor management issues. We will tour the fields and greenhouses, as well as the washroom and on-farm store.

For more detailed descriptions, registration information, and directions to field days, visit our website at www.pasafarming.org

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