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National Obesity Prevention Conference Sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture

The National Obesity Prevention Conference conference will be held October 25-27 in Bethesda, Maryland. The conference will focus on research needs for preventing obesity. As the Federal Agency that is most concerned with the production of food and the management of the Federal food assistance programs, the USDA (together with its partners) occupies a position of importance in address this important public health concern. The objective is to learn from past and current research what steps we can take to prevent further increase in the prevalence and severity of obesity, and to lead to behavioral changes for a healthier U.S. The conference will emphasize the roles of different disciplines in examining obesity (from cause to prevention). The conference will be science-based, but will have a definite practical orientation to help us develop practical strategies to prevent obesity.

For more information, email obesityconf@usda.gov

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