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Food Alliance Welcomes a New Partner

As of fall term 2003, students, faculty, and staff at Oregon State University (OSU) are now able to choose foods from Northwest farms and ranches certified by Food Alliance.

Over the last few years, the market for sustainably produced food has grown dramatically. Grocery stores, restaurants, food service companies, and others are responding to consumer demand for products whose sustainability claims are verified by an independent organization such as Food Alliance.
University Housing and Dining Services at OSU is committed to providing the campus with environmentally conscious products, like those bearing Food Alliance’s certification seal. For example,The Main Squeeze, a juice bar and convenience store, offers only organic and vegetarian products. Also, each OSU dining center sells chocolates produced by the Endangered Species Chocolate Company, which donates a percentage of profits to environmental organizations.
Food Alliance, a national non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon, is dedicated to promoting expanded use of sustainable agriculture practices using market-based incentives. To accomplish this mission, Food Alliance operates one of the nation’s leading certification programs for environmentally friendly and socially responsible agriculture practices. To date, Food Alliance has certified over 200 different agricultural products, including fruits, vegetables, wheat, wine, livestock, and dairy. Food Alliance also has an affiliate office in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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