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Project Meets Goal and Is Self-Sustainable

Latin America’s first publication dealing with social issues, the Argentine magazine Tercer Sector is an example of success. Created in 1994, it has been self-sustainable since 1999 and it has 25 blue-chip companies that advertise regularly. It received Kellogg Foundation support from 1998 to 2001. Today, it is part of a journalism group formed by an internet portal aimed at NGOs and a news agency. It currently has a bimonthly distribution of 6,000 copies.

The project was born from the initiative of the specialist in civil society topics Andrés Thompson, today a Program Director of Kellogg Foundation, and the journalist Marcos Cytrynblum. According to Cytrynblum, the magazine has achieved its primary goals: to illustrate that third sector issues have journalistic appeal, and to establish an identity between social organizations. Nowadays, all Argentina’s leading means of communication have regular supplements on the topic and the organizational level of these institutions has improved substantially.


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