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PAL Produces Land Use Campaign for 2004 Election

PAL is currently engaged in a campaign to elevate land use as an issue for legislative candidates in the 2004 primary and general elections, and to promote the recommendations of the Michigan Land Use Leadership Council as a package that has earned wide agreement from diverse stakeholders.

The campaign has a number of components:

  • Three posters have been developed, and are running as full-page ads in newspapers selected to cover the state of Michigan in July

  • Land use links have been placed on sponsor organizations’ Web sites (Michigan Association of Realtors, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Environmental Council, Michigan Farm Bureau, Michigan Land Use Leadership Council, and the Detroit Branch of the NAACP)

  • A candidate education/mobilization brochure has been developed and widely distributed

  • The Michigan Land Use Leadership Council Web site has been enhanced for the campaign

  • PAL grantees are engaged in local efforts to engage media, opinion leaders, organizations and citizens

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